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Guitar Square Musical Season CK-Chen and Henry Chen Have Achieved Complete Success of Acoustic Guitar concert for Thousands of People

Poster for Concert

CK-Chen, who enjoys reputation in Chinese fingerstyle guitar field, and Henry Chen, who comes from treasure island-Taiwan, arrive at Qingdao to give a wonderful acoustic guitar banquet for Qingdao people in Qingdao Sifang Theatre on April 7th, 2014.


On the afternoon of April 7th, Guitar Square team began to arrange performance site and tune up to offer the best visual and auditory feelings to audiences. Audience began to check the ticket at the doorway and put the ticket stub into the lucky box, then go to the venue in order at 6 o’clock. At 7 o’clock, more than six hundred audiences have seated to wait for the beginning of the performance. Yin Lele, the teaching dean of Guitar Square, came to the stage first with three familiar songs to warm up the venue, which opened the enthusiasm of audience. The songs he played were Billie Jean , Windy and Warm and Super Mario.

Yin Lele
Yin Lele’s Performance

CK-Chen appeared on the stage holding Lakewood guitar among applaud and hurrah. China Funk was first played with strong rhythm, passionate and uninitiated, which drew high praise from the audience. The next one was Dawn Light, which was like the sunshine appearing from the dense fog, and we felt bright and natural in our heart. Seeking sounded like a little confused but actually it was looking for the way for life to break tight encirclement.

CK-Chen’s Perfomance

Breeze was like silk slipping over face just as breeze, and inspired us to cherish the people you were with as the guitar sound faded away. A Night by Maple Bridge and Tianzi Lane were equipped with Chinese style characteristic; Listening to them, we could feel the soft beauty of Jiangnan Watertown, just as putting ourselves in a peaceful lake to feel the cool night with our eyes closed or floating to the small lane of Shanghai where we could feel the taste of old Shanghai and unique artistic aroma. Memories took us from the concert moment to old times, years having no trace and moment being like white clouds floating; we might fall into reflection: what made you remain remember fresh, what made you never forget, what made you forget while you said you would remember forever and what made you remember forever really. Untitled seemed a sorrowful poetry, revealing our miss for our families and friends in picking strings and crooning the inspiration of life.

CK-Chen’s Performance

Next, CK-Chen and Henry Chen stood together on the stage, playing “Twin-Chen”tune for audience together impromptu. Simple but cheerful plucking and strumming raised the excitement of audiences who clapped their hands together irresistibly following the rhythm of “     Twin-Chen”, setting off the first climax of the concert.

Twin-Chen’s Performance

Henry Chen’s session was followed. Fusion Style Boy was like a naughty boy jumping in the field, waving his drum stick and releasing his passion and pleasure. The Feel of Eleven took eleventh chord and gave audience a special feeling, which was like “pearls falling into a jade plate, chattering and pattering, pattering and chattering”. Temporary pause among the performance seemed “Blocked pass and sound gradually faded” but actually “Another special sound rose silently”.


When it came to “The tune busting out last note”, Henry Chen opened his hands directly, which showed the charming manner of Yishou Guitar Prince. A little Jazz used the guitar to arouse the taste of jazz and we seemed to see a boy playing step dance with a rose in his mouth to walk towards his beloved girl with deep affection as dancing.

Henry Chen was telling his inspiration

Ancient Dragon was like drawing the blade from sword, moving fast as a hare, and flying a dragon among bang-bang guitar sting sound. Flexible fingering and appropriate tapping added flavor of flying dragon and surprising phoenix to the performance. Especially, the end of the tune, was like a dragon wandering in the firmament variously. “Drinking Weihe River in Western Qin and Dongluo offering river map”, Henry Chen employed guitar sound to lead us to appreciate the brilliant charm of ancient dragon. When night time was right, Deep Night rang.

Henry Chen
Henry Chen

At first, the string sound was like a slowly flowing creek, singing and whispering the tranquility and beauty of the night. Soon, creek flowed into rivers and oceans, splashing lots of sprays which were like unstrained thoughts in deep night. Suddenly, night breeze was rolling curtains, which was deep miss for the one. As night deepened, everything fell into stillness and people fell into dream to get rid of tiredness after a busy day. The last piece was The Flame of Dance. Henry Chen’s hands tapped the top flexibly and we could see his gesture as dancing flame, plus his wonderful sting sound, which could be seen a phoenix rushing into the sky with splendid bright shines, making audience amazed.

Henry Chen’s Performance

When Henry Chen plucked his last note, audience were drunk in the beautiful melody and shouted “one more”. Faced with such enthusiastic audience, Henry Chen did not decline and played a brisk piece of Childhood and then Friends by the invitation of audiences. All audience slapped their hands with the rhythm and sang together, pushing the concert into the highest tide.

Host–Wu Peng

Another two high tides appeared in the middle and end part of “Lucky Draw”. Manager Liu of The Star of Qingdao and Brother Kane, founder of Guitar Square, were invited to draw Lucky Audience Award. Two lucky people were drawn to give Kane guitar made by Guitar Square and another over ten people were drawn to give Untitled album by CK-Chen.

Kane was drawing “Lucky Award”
Lucky Audience was picked

After performance, CK-Chen and Henry Chen took pictures with audience and signed their names for audiences. People who were interviewed said they were very thankful to Guitar Square for offering them such a wonderful night.

Lucky Audience Who Got Kane Guitar
“Twin-Chen” and Manager Liu

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Guitar Square Workers

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Kane and Public Secrurity
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