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Chinese Version of “Guitar Book “by Pierre Bensusan Has Been Offically Launched by Guitar Square in China

Guitar Square introduced Chinese version of Guitar Book by Pierre Bensusan into China at the begnning of this year. After several months of transalting, desinning and manufacturing , we are proud to announce Chinese version of Guitar Book has been offically launched.

Chinese version of "Guitar Book" by Pierre Bensusan
Chinese version of “Guitar Book” by Pierre Bensusan

Pierre Bensusan (born on 30 October, 1957) is a French-Algerian guitarist. AThe genre of his acoustic guitar music is often characterized as Celtic, Folk, World music, New Age, or Chamber jazz. He has also published three books of music and tablature. A wide variety of musical styles and influences can be heard in his music. Pierre Bensusan’s solo acoustic guitar work has featured use of the DADGAD tuning system and electronics such as delays, distortions and volume pedals.

Cover of Chinese Version
Cover of Chinese Version

This book is the result of six years of thought and research. It is also the joint effort of a group of people who have managed to write not only a guitar book, but an art book thought out for guitarists while reaching beyond their universe. It contains explanations, from the workings of the hands to suggestions for specific exercises designed to help acquire correct technique, definitions of terminology employed in music and for the guitar, and suggestions for awakening and improving one’s own sense of musicality, not to mention all the works composed, transcribed or arranged by Pierre Bensusan to support the advice he offers. This book can also help people sharpen their intellectual and sensorial perception. It is sprinkled with poems, illustra tions, reproductions ofart works, even recipes.

Personal interview of Pierre Bensusan
Personal interview of Pierre Bensusan


Pierre Bensuan Awards List:

Guitar Player Magazine Readers choice award, for 2008 Best World Music Guitar Player, in the USA

2002 AFIM (American Association for Independent Music) Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album

Album du Mois/Album of the Month (Journal de Montreal/Canada)

Album of the Year (fRoots/UK)

Pierre Bensusan on the March Issure cover of Chinese version of Acoustic Guitar
Pierre Bensusan on the March Issue cover of Chinese version of Acoustic Guitar

Best Albums (Guitarist Magazine/UK)

Bravo de la Redaction (Trad. Mag./France) 2002/2006

Naird Award (USA 1983)

Grand Prix du Disque Montreux Festival (Switzerland 1976)

Pierre Bensusan is playing the guitar
Pierre Bensusan is playing the guitar
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