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Lakewood电箱吉他全部安装L.R.Baggs Anthem拾音器

自五月起,Lakewood的所有缺角电箱吉他都安装备受赞誉的L.R.Baggs Anthem拾音器

引用Lakewood公司的一段话:“L.R.Baggs Anthem拾音器满足了我们对高端拾音器的所有预期甚至超出我们意料之外。它的声音听起来非常美妙。它保留了我们一直珍视的Lakewood的音质和美感。实际上,我们也对Anthem拾音器进行了全面测试,并因此决定将Lakewood所有缺角电箱吉他上安装上Anthem拾音器。Anthem拾音器系统确实非常先进。我们很荣幸能有一位像L.R.Baggs这样出色的合作伙伴。”

L.R.Baggs Anthem拾音器
L.R.Baggs Anthem拾音器

Beginning in May, Lakewood Guitars will be fitting all Lakewood cutaway / pickup models with the highly respected L.R. Baggs Anthem System.

To quote the company: “The L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup system handles exactly what we expect from a high-end pickup system and even more. It simply sounds brilliantly! Thus, it complements the aspirations we are consistently following with Lakewood in regards of both sound quality and aesthetics. We have tested the Anthem system thoroughly in practice and decided therefore now to fit the system to all our cutaway / pickup guitars by default. It is an advanced and modern system indeed and we are happy to have such a capable cooperation partner such as L.R. Baggs.”

Author: 吉他平方媒体部