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In Praise of a Golden Age ·Sing For Youth

In Praise of a Golden Age ·Sing For Youth

Qingdao Campus Singers League Launching

Guided by: Qingdao Municipal North District Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Qingdao Municipal North District Committee of the Communist Youth League

Organizer: Guitar Square, Qingdao Municipal North District First Culture Center

Participating Schools: Ocean University of China, Qingdao Technological University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao University, Qingdao Binhai College, Qingdao Hotel Management Vocational and Technical College, Qingdao Vocational and Technical College

Media Support: Qingdao Economic Broadcasting, Handheld Qingdao, Qingdao Evening News, Peninsula City News

Supporting Units: Qingdao Laoshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd., Qingdao Band Alliance, Nongchao Culture, Greenwich, ForYou Studio, Aijia Fashion Host Studio, Universal Records, Dajiale KTV, Wujing Dance Studio, Qingdao Jingwu National Wushu School, Qingdao Beer Museum


Partners: Qingdao Guitar Association, Qingdao North District Youth Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce, China Mobile Huangdao Branch



May 15th – Qingdao Vocational and Technical College

May 16th – Qingdao Hotel Management Vocational and Technical College

May 17th – Ocean University of China

June 4th – Qingdao Binhai College

June 8th – Qingdao Campus Singers League Final

Location: Qingdao North District Theater

This final takes the band live accompaniment


Band introduction


Band members: Yu Bing, Yang Zheng, Du Jian, Wang Zhuo, Hao Zi

The band used to be called “Liuhe Band” and later renamed the Juice&Beer Band to participate in the 2018 Summer Community Performance. It was a local band founded by Qingdao independent musician Yu Wei and Yang Zheng. The early music styles of the band members are also different. There are METAL, HARDROCK, fingerstyles, etc. The style of the music is combined with a variety of musical styles, thus forming its own unique style. Through unique expressions of life, future, and love, the work evokes the numbness of the current metropolis. The style of the band is fashionable, and the electronic concept is integrated into the band’s concept, which makes the band exude its unique temperament.

Guitar Square Qingdao musician Yang Zhengyu and Atong Ai want to be open-minded


Zhang Hao

Secretary of Guitar Square Party Branch

Principal of Qingdao Guitar Square Art School

Chief Editor of Chinese Edition of American Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Vice President of Qingdao Guitar Association

Yu Bing

Art Director of Guitar Square


Member of China Musicians Association

Standing Director of Qingdao Guitar Association

Cai Wenzhan

Taiwan’s famous music educator’s

Representative works: “Guitar Scale System Tutorial”, “Guitar Chord System Tutorial”, “Guitar Arpeggio System Tutorial”, “Modern Music Theory System Tutorial”

Xin Bin

The founder of Universal Records

a senior sound engineer

has worked with famous artists such as MC Jin, Huang Yi and MC Sha Zhou.

Guitar Square Li Jin’s Original By Ayers Guitar in October Maze


1 Champion



1 MV shooting

Guitar Square Guitar Course Experience Card(Value ¥2400)


1 RunnerUp


A KANE acoustic guitar(Value ¥1250)

1 MV shooting

Guitar Square Guitar Course Experience Card(Value ¥2400)

2nd RunnerUp

A KANE ukulele

1 MV shooting

Guitar Square Guitar Course Experience Card(Value ¥2400)

3 Best Stage Presence Award


A voucher for Dajiale KTV(Value ¥1000)

3 Most Popular Performance


A voucher for Wujing Dance Studio Course(Value ¥800 )

3 Most musical temperament award


Guitar Square Guitar Course Experience Card(Value ¥2400)


Guitar square Qingdao musician red high heels rummage

Guitar Square

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