“Brand News” Kraut Nouveau Guitar debuts

“This is the first Nouveau guitar to leave my studio.。

My goal in making these instruments is to change our perception of traditional acoustic guitars. Our concept of acoustic guitar is rooted in history and tradition. Nouveau series will never compromise. Timbre is the effect you expect Kraut to have: long-lasting, rich high-frequency response throughout the treble, clean and clear intermediate frequency, strong low frequency, a wide range of intensity changes. This new product line marks a change in my production experience and brings artistic creation and handicraft to a new level.

This OO model has excellent Swiss Moon Spruce, which I personally selected in Switzerland. The same is the same beautiful tiger pattern peach wood back. This peach wood responds quickly and subtly, like the blend of black and yellow sandalwood and acacia wood. Although it is a small body, it has an excellent response, and its volume and response are comparable to any OO. The biggest advantage is that besides the lightweight material, the size of the listening hole of the instrument allows musicians to hear as many responses as possible. Such a guitar is an amazing unique instrument that can re-deconstruct art.

Author: 吉他平方 编辑部