Lakewood M-35 CP 测评

Ben Morgan-Brown reviews an elegant contender for the pro or advanced player.

Ben Morgan-Brown测评,适合专业以及进阶吉他乐手,颇具竞争力

Ben Morgan-Brown reviews an elegant contender for the pro or advanced player.

Ben Morgan-Brown测评,适合专业以及进阶吉他乐手,颇具竞争力

It’s probably fair to say that Germany’s Lakewood guitars haven’t had the prominence in the UK market that they could, or should, have received. Meticulously made from the finest quality woods, those who have tried them invariably praise them. It’s just that they haven’t been very heavily promoted here so that is a relatively small number. We feel that could be set to change.

德国吉他厂牌Lakewood guitars目前在英国市场的影响力,可以说并未真实体现他们的实力。该品牌吉他均使用上等的木料精心制作而成,尝试弹奏过的乐手们都对其品质赞不绝口,只是因为宣传力度还未跟上,所以很多人还不够了解。我们可以在这方面推动一下。

The M-35 CP is in Lakewoood’s Deluxe series and is a grand concert sized guitar with a cutaway and an unusual choice of tonewoods. The triple A grade European spruce top is conventional enough but the guitar sports an oak back and sides, which is very unusual. It looks superb, as you can see from our video – and the sound? If you’ve never heard an oak guitar you are in for a pleasant surprise!

M-35 CP款属于Lakewoood Deluxe系列吉他,Grand Concert型尺寸,弧形缺角设计,搭配独出心裁的木材选择。3A级欧洲云杉面板算是比较常规,背侧板比较少见的选用了欧洲云杉搭配法国橡木。视频中可看出吉他整体造型大方优雅。而声音方面,若是你还没听过橡木制作的吉他,那就准备好迎接惊喜吧!

The relatively small body is extremely crisp looking and the aesthetics are continued to the tone, which is beautifully detailed.



At £2,750 the Lakewood isn’t cheap, but it punched above its weight in terms of materials,very high constructional quality and performance, as Ben found out – and look at the ‘extras’! The M-35 CP comes with an L.R. Baggs Anthem undersaddle piezo/microphone blended pickup and a professional grade Hiscox case. For a guitar of this quality, easily up to professional and advanced enthusiast player standards and fully the match of many of the American ‘big name’ brands, we think it offers very good value for money. Check out Ben’s video to hear for yourself this distinctive and rather beautiful, in an understated way, Lakewood.

这款Lakewood吉他售价不菲,但考虑到所用的顶尖木料,也可以算是物超所值。Ben通过测评发现,该款吉他的手工品质与琴音表现都令人惊喜。而且看看配件表吧:L.R. Baggs Anthem压感麦克双拾音器,专业级Hiscox琴盒。该吉他的品质完全能够满足专业乐手与高水平业余爱好者的需求,与来自美国的那些大品牌相比也毫不逊色,完全物有所值。欢迎点击Ben的视频,亲自感受一下这款Lakewood吉他低调的华丽。


Lakewood M-35 CP

Model name: M-35 CP Body shape: Grand Concert

Guitar type: 6-string

Top: AAA European spruce

Back & Sides: Oak (Style 35)

Neck: Mahogany

Cutaway: soft (round)

Soundhole rosette: Wood core with abalone purfling

Headstock: Flat headstock

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck width at nut: 46 mm (1.81 inch)

Scale length: 650 mm (25.6 inch)

Pickup system: L.R. Baggs Anthem

Tuners: Schaller M6 gold

Body finish: High-gloss finish

Neck finish: Satin-gloss, filled grain

Case: Hiscox Lakewood hard case


Lakewood M-35 CP

型号名称: M-35 CP

尺寸型号: Grand Concert

吉他类型: 六弦吉他

面板: AAA 级欧洲云杉

背侧板: 橡木 (Style 35)

琴颈: 桃花心木

缺角: 弧形(圆)

音孔环饰: 双圈贝壳镶嵌、法国橡木镶嵌

琴头: 水平琴头

指板: 黑檀

弦枕处琴颈宽度: 46 mm (1.81 inch)

有效弦长: 650 mm (25.6 inch)

拾音系统: L.R. Baggs Anthem

旋钮: 德国Schaller M6 gold旋钮

琴身漆面: 高光泽面漆

琴颈漆面: 哑光纹理漆面

琴盒: Hiscox Lakewood硬质琴盒