11 4月
[吉他平方]回顾刚过70岁生日的G7th合作艺人Richard Thompson经典现场
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G7th祝合作艺人Richard Thompson七十大寿生日快乐! Richard上周度过了自己的70岁生日...
10 4月
圣. 查尔斯录音室 Peter Frampton 精彩访谈
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LR BAGGS为您倾情推出:圣. 查尔斯录音室Peter Frampton精彩访谈 “音质无损的情况下,乐声...
21 10月
A Photo Collection of Guitar Square at Music China 2015
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A Photo Collection of Guitar Square at Music China 2015...
23 10月
Guitar Square Has Achieved Complete Success in 2013 Shanghai International Exhition for Muscical Instruments and Services
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On october 10 to 13, 2013, the twelfth Shanghai Interna...
30 5月
Jon Gomm Played Together with CK-Chen in Changsha
Guitar Square 2013 Fingerstyle National Tour–Style Appearance of Jon Gomm and CK-Chen
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In May of 2013, Jon Gomm and CK-Chen, master of fingsty...
14 8月
Guitar Square at Shanghai Music Instrument Exhibition with Whole Line of Agent Products
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On October 11 to October 14,Guitar Square will bring fu...