德国AER原声吉他音箱创始人Udo Roesner中国青岛之行

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6月8日,原声音箱AER的掌舵人Udo Roesner来青,受到了吉他平方总经理张豪及其团队的热烈欢迎。Udo先生在张总的陪同下,参观了吉他平方总部,并与张总友好交谈,为双方日后的合作掀开了新的一页。






On June 8, Udo Roesner, the founder of Audio Electric Research GmbH, came visit Qingdao, enjoying a warm welcome from Kane Zhang, the General manager of Guitar Square and his team. With the accompany of Kane, Udo paid a visti to Guitar Square Company and had a kind talk with Kane, opening a new page for the future cooperation.

On June 8, Udo arrived Qingdao Liuting International Airport together with two friends of the same trade, nicely greeted by Kane Zhang.

The next morning, Udo paid a visit to Guitar Square Company, located in Shibei District, Qingdao,where he had a nice talk with Kane. Guitar Square, as a agent of  top-end brands, whose capability of brand promotion and market promotion was praised by Udo.

AER, as world’ s top brand of acoustic soundbox, are sold to corners of the world and famous with professionals. But for the market On mainland China, AER is a relatively unfamiliar brand, with is a pity both for AER and musicians on Mainland China. Since the foundation in 2007 by Kane Zhang, Guitar Square has been dedication to supply the best instruments and accessories to musicians in China. Bearing the sense of mission, Kane set foot on the way for cooperation with AER. Udo defined his position on future cooperation. They both harbored interest and confidence in the future collaboration.

Udo features seriousness and prudence of German, visiting different areas in the company, acquainting himself to the duties of every member of the team and links of company operation. Through the friendly talk, they reach a consensus that they would go on communicate with each other and paved a smooth way for the future cooperation.

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